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Beacon Hill Apartment Trends for 2021

The pandemic has made everyone rethink even basic things like how to interact with one another. It has also driven the adoption of new technologies and been the catalyst for increasing numbers of people looking to begin investing. Of course, it’s also introduced more working-from-home opportunities, which for many companies is a first. 

Changing Apartment Renter Demand

It used to be that location was everything. People would overlook the limitations of a small apartment as long as it was where they needed it to be – somewhere close to their favorite shops, bars, and restaurants and, most importantly, somewhere close to their work.

However, the pandemic has shown us all that it’s perfectly possible for employees – in many industries – to work from home. Suddenly,  Boston apartment renters who had no option but to pay large rents for city-center locations have the possibility to go further afield, to consider rentals that are larger and more affordable. One survey from April 2020 even showed that nearly one-third of Americans considered moving to a less densely populated area at the time.

Homes Selling At Record-Setting Pace

A second trend I’ve seen is a record-setting pace of Boston suburb sales – with 42% of homes selling in under two weeks in the four-week period ending February 14 of this year. This is driven by a few factors; the first is a supply shortage and an increase in demand as many people were forced to wait during last spring. 

On top of this, mortgage interest rates hit historic lows, making now an excellent time to look at purchasing a Beacon Hill condo for sale. Finally, the factor that might play into the longer-term is the millennial generation increasingly looking for their first home. Many of them are finally reaching a point in their careers where this is actually a valid financial option.

Changes In Apartment Landlord Processes

Probably the greatest mitigating factor of the impact of the pandemic has been technology. With software like Zoom, offices have operated surprisingly efficiently from their various disparate homes. The internet has allowed collaborative work and fast communication all while playing a big role in the maintenance of our sanities.

And while the Boston real estate industry has historically been slow when it comes to adopting new technology, the pandemic has acted almost like a cattle prod – forcing landlords and property managers to search for digital solutions to their new and immediate problems.

What Can Landlords Do To Better Prepare For The Future?

Planning for the future is especially challenging when there is so much uncertainty. That being said, the basic rules for real estate investors are universal no matter the historical context. When it comes to preparing for an uncertain future then, it makes sense to double down on these basics.

Firstly, vacancy rates are up 2% year-over-year according to the March 2021 Real Estate Index Report Landlord Studio’s data. And while these negative trends may well reverse in the coming months with lockdown restrictions easing, the rollout of the vaccine and the signing into law of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, now is a good time to really focus on tenant retention.

And finally, improve or employ professional processes and tools to optimally manage your properties. Tracking your income and expenses is vital. With various systems available to help you gain a clear oversight of your business, you have options to explore when you’re ready. A quality system will help you maximize deductions as well as prove cash flow and profitability for refinancing purposes. And, for the day-to-day management of your rentals, it’s time, if you haven’t already, to explore a good rent collection tool and a system for well-managed tenant communications.


More than 70% of apartment renters say they would be happy to rent an apartment without seeing it in person first if they could check it out through a 3D virtual tour.

That’s according to a survey jointly commissioned by Zumper, a rental marketplace, and Matterport, which provides 3D and virtual tour services. The survey notes that just like home buyers, renters are also taking their property search online during the coronavirus pandemic, and would benefit from having more access to modern tools that allow them to view homes and sign leases without being there in person.

Beacon Hill Apartments Video Tours over Pictures

While photos of an apartment are important, the virtual or video tours component is far more useful in giving prospective tenants an idea of what it actually ‘feels’ like inside.

Video apartment tour searches have spiked since the pandemic and consequent lockdowns began, according to Google Trends data. More than 60% of renters say their apartment search experience has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. According to another survey by apartment listing site Abodo, some 30% of renters would prefer to see photos and floor plans delivered in a virtual manner. Another 27% said they would prefer to see prerecorded videos of units over live, personal unit tours.

The residential market has already turned to 3D tours and video walkthroughs during the pandemic to take buyers through properties, but the concept has been less common with rental listings up until now.

Beacon Hill Landlords Need to keep their Apartments Updated

Is your Beacon Hill apartment starting to look outdated  There have been a few distinctive design changes lately that can breathe fresh life into any Beacon Hill home?

Here are the top trends of 2020 to use in your condo’s interior design. 

Beacon Hill Apartments & Arched Shapes

With its clean lines and gently rounded curves, the simple arch is definitely the trendiest shape of 2020.  Those who don’t want to spend money to replace doorframes and windows can still get in on this interior design trend with a few pieces of carefully placed furniture. Consider adding an arched mirror in your front entryway or installing an arched headboard on your bed.

Built-In Storage

Because of the growing interest in sleek minimalism, built-in storage has become a popular design trend. Shelving and built-in cabinets provide a lot more vertical storage so you can get rid of clutter. Another part of this growing trend is built-in spaces for kitchen appliances. More Beacon Hill condo kitchens are starting to have doors and drawers that open to reveal refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and more. 

Dark Colors Can Bring a Touch of Luxury to Your Apartment

After years of warm, dusty neutrals like millennial pink, interior design is finally shifting toward the other end of the spectrum. Some of the trendiest Beacon Hill and Midtown homes today feature forest greens, peacock blues, and cool teal shades, which can give your Beacon Hill apartment a rich and luxurious feel at a low price. It doesn’t cost much to paint your Beacon Hill apartment, but check with your landlord first, refinishing your cabinets, or adding some bold furniture can be an added touch to your apartment.

Textured Paneling & Tile

Interior design in 2020 is all about layering textures for a vibrant, exciting look. Tiles in a variety of glossy, matte, and mottled textures are showing up all over the place, especially in kitchen backsplashes. There has also been a huge surge in the use of wood paneling, especially when it’s angled in interesting ways. This is the ideal design trend for Beacon Hill condo owners who want to rent out their unit because it completely changes the look of a place without requiring any structural renovations.

Beacon Hill Indoor Gardens

In 2020, the greenery trend is being taken to a whole new level with indoor gardens. Beacon Hill apartment renters who don’t have extensive amounts of outdoor space will love the idea of an indoor garden, which is a small-scale plot with just enough space to grow a small tree, a couple of shrubs, or a few herbs. To create an impressive focal piece for any room, all you have to do is find an area with plenty of natural light and install a planter with at least a few square feet of space.

If you’re looking to fix up your Beacon Hill apartment or to redecorate yourself or a brand-new home featuring all the latest design trends, the team at Ford Realty Inc can help you find the home that’s just right for you. Contact us today!

Renters looking for apartments in Beacon Hill? On this Beacon Hill website, you’ll find an array of college apartments to high luxury units for rent in this historic neighborhood. This neighborhood has a population of nearly 10,000 people with a mix of young professionals. retirees and college students, making it ideal for apartment renters who enjoy being actively involved in their community regardless of your age. Luxury apartments are available in brownstone condo rentals, as well as a few full-service buildings.

 All Beacon Hill apartments 

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Beacon Hill apartments for rent just listed

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Click to View Beacon Hill Apartments – Recent rental data & stats

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