Selling Beacon Hill Real Estate

If your planning to sell a Beacon Hill condominium, within the coming year, you need to plan ahead of time. One item you need to do is to select a Beacon Hill real estate broker and begin to discuss how you can best prepare and create a marketing plan for your home for sale. Beacon Hill Real estate agents can give you some key points that you can do make your home stand out and sell fast for example, refinishing floors, fresh paint, etc.. Knowing ahead of time what types of projects you need to complete will help you prepare and budget your home for sale and place it on the market to sell.

Placing Your Beacon Hill Condo on the Market

Maybe you’ve already been preparing to sell your home for some time, but you are just too busy beacuse of the past holidays to go through with it. With the spring season not too far around the corner, this could be the best time to make some moves and actually get with an agent to put your condominium on the market.

Playing the waiting game can be dangerous for both your emotions and your pocket book. Starting the Boston real estate sale process a little early means you are committing to what needs to be done and mentally preparing yourself for your move.

Boston Real Estate Sellers: Get Organized

If one  of your New Years resolution for 2020 is to become more organized, but  you haven’t found yourself actually doing it yet, it’s time to consider the benefits. Decluttering and organizing your Beacon Hill home has been said to reduce stress and chaos in your everyday life. After the holidays, who doesn’t need that?

It can really be as simple as taking out some boxes and filling them with the things that you don’t need. A simple question to ask yourself is, “Did I use this/wear this/need this in the past year?” If the answer is “no,” then chances are you can donate it or sell it. With all the gifts you may have gotten over the holidays, this can be a great way to make some money by selling unwanted items, or feel good about donating to a local charity.

Once you’ve decluttered, take the time to organize your Beacon Hill home. Some simple steps include:

  • Hanging up all of your clothes
  • Folding your laundry properly in your drawers
  • Removing clutter from surfaces
  • Throw away all trash

Beacon Hill: Start Small

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Making attainable goals is always the best way to succeed, so when it comes to downtown condo home improvement, start small. Consider doing a “weekend project,” or something you can get done in just a couple days. Some options might include:

  • Re-doing your entryway by adding coat hooks or a coat rack and bench
  • Painting your front door a different color
  • Choose a new light fixture for a focal point of the house
  • Replace your shower head for an instant spa feel
  • Replace an old appliance or sink in your kitchen

Beacon Hil Finish That ONE Room

If you do decide to take on a big project, make sure you take it one room at a time. Is it that half bath that needs a facelift? Start there. Take the time to figure out your budget, design, and timeline for this one room and pick a start date. 

Do you have something you are using as your Real Estate New Year’s Resolution? 



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