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Beacon Hill Realtor: Short story about our times. This morning while I was online at Dunkin Donuts, I ran into an old client. For the purpose of this story, let us call him Jim. Prior to retiring Jim was a Boston Police Officer for over 30 years.

As we were waiting online, the subject of the downtown Boston protests came up.  As we were in the midst of a conversation a young man politely interjected and express his opinion on the subject.

As I was the next to be able to place my order, the conversation was wrapping up and I recall one of them ending the conversation with a quote that has stuck with me as I sit in my Beacon Hill real estate office, I hope whether you are a Boston police officer, a protester, Democrat or Republican, that these words  will resonate with you, even if it’s just for a few seconds:

Its better to be judged by twelve stangers, than to be carried by six love ones.





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