Boston Real Estate for Sale has a good tally of the towns and neighborhoods where foreclosures decreased or increased the most in 2010. The place where foreclosures fell the most, however, isn’t a town, it’s a part of Boston: Roxbury. Foreclosures fell 24.7 percent in 2010 in Roxbury. Other Boston neighborhoods show up on the list for decreases in foreclosures: East Boston, South Boston. Lest anyone think this is great news, however, keep in mind 1) the natural slowdown caused last fall by big-bank holdups in the wake of robo-signing scandal, and 2) everyone is still expecting 2011 to be worse than 2010 for foreclosures. So, hopefully it’s s bottoming out scenario, but not likely.

Other top areas for decreases in foreclosures 2010: Milford, Stoughton, Medford, Everett, Marshfield, Lynn, Framingham.

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