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malden real estateBOSTON — Some Malden residents are surprised at the city’s latest distinction.

Business Week has named Malden the suburb, 6 miles north of Boston, as the best place affordable in Massachusetts to raise your kids. The list took into account affordability, diversity, the crime rate and the public schools.

 “We’ve made a large investment in our public school system. Redone our entire school system from pre-kindergarten to high school,” said Malden Mayor Richard Howard who’s been mayor for 13 years.

 Howard said efforts have been made to revitalize the downtown with new developments, businesses and restaurants.

 While some residents said Malden has seen better days, most are proud of their city.

 “The people, the schools, the fact that it is actually clean,” one resident said.

 “I like my neighbors. I like the fact that it’s convenient to Boston and I like some of the small businesses around here,” another said.

 The mayor cited the city’s diversity as one of its advantages.

 “We have the fastest growing Asian community in the state. A burgeoning Indian population. People from South America, people from Africa. It is really a tremendous mix,” Howard said.

 The runners-up in the Business Week survey were Cambridge and Weymouth.

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