Today is called Black Friday, probably created by a retail marketing company to put Americans more in debt.  It’s a celebration (or, err, orgy may be the more appropriate word) of buying stuff — and getting it at seductive discounts.

No, no — don’t go cancelling Black Friday on my account. I want you to have a piece of your day of wanton spending — hell, I’ll even play the game by being a Boston real estate discount broker for one day.

I have a Boston-proper condo on the market, 7 Unity Street #1. MLS asking price $175,000. But for today, I’ll reduce the asking price by $30,000. That’s right – you can buy this Boston condo for only $145,000. For more info, call Linda at 617-512-4557.


Here’s something to reflect upon: On Thanksgiving we eat to excess; today we do the same with shopping. That much makes sense — except for the fact that doesn’t Black Friday seem to be the antithesis of the spirit of Thanksgiving?

File Under: Conflicts of the heart. Happy BF Day.