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Updated October 2017

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Realtors Need Weblogs

I couldn’t say it better, myself.  A blogger has a great idea:

BlogSavant – Realtors Need Weblogs.

Realtors Need Weblogs

I don’t understand why most realtors don’t have better websites. As we’re looking for a duplex to buy, I’m appalled at the dismal presence that most realtors have on the web. You know, come to think of it, blogs are the perfect application for realtors. Here’s why:

– Current and timely. Your most recent listings at the top, and you can fudge the dates if something is re-listed, to put it back at the top
– People can get to know you. To me, all realtors are interchangeable UNTIL YOU MEET THEM or get some idea of who they are. Imagine what a blog could do to put a ‘personal touch’ on your web presence and forge a relationship with potential home buyers

This is an older blog post from Savant. But content is key .  PRoviding information is key. And folks can get to know you better through your consistent postings.

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