Boston apartment renters paid close to ten billion dollars in rent in 2014. BostonInno reported the other day  that renters in Boston paid $9.8B in rent for year 2014. To make matters worse, for a Boston renter to live alone in a typical Boston proper apartment you would have to earn $100,000 a year to qualify for the apartment.

In 2013, Boston renters paid $9.2B which means last year the average rent in Boston increased by $30.00 per month in 2014 from 2013, and the forecast for this year isn’t looking much better for Hub apartment renters.

The chart below is from Zillow that shows total rent paid in the top 25 metro areas. No surprise that Boston was on the top portion of the list.

Boston apartment renters paid $9,800,000,000 in rent

Boston apartment renters paid $9,800,000,000 in rent

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Updated: January 2018


Boston apartment renters paid $9,800,000,000 in rent

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