In the cost of heating a home, at least.

Forbes took a look at which U.S. cities are the priciest for anyone trying to keep the home fires burning.

To determine this, the magazine examined expected temperature patterns, historical energy demand and projected heating commodity prices (oil, propane, natural gas and electricity). Then it calculated how much an average family of four with a 2,100-square-foot house would spend to heat their home.

Here are the winners or the losers in the home-heating marathon.

1. Boston, average heating cost: $1,635.94

2. Buffalo, N.Y., $1,618.27

3. Minneapolis, $1,475.11

4. Washington, D.C., $1,461.11

5. Philadelphia, $1,370.12

6. New York, $1,269.14

7. Cleveland, $1,154.77

8. Detroit, $1,149.12

9. St. Louis, $1,058.72

10. Denver, $1,053.91

Get Joe Kennedy on the phone, stat!

Winter Watch: 20 Priciest Places to Heat a Home – By Matt Woolsey, Forbes, by way of

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