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For no good reason except to build good will in the community, Boston College has vowed to house all of its undergraduate students on campus, by the year 2010.

Well, almost all its students.

Several hundred students will live in college-owned off-campus housing, including 2000 Commonwealth Ave, which the college has just signed an agreement to buy.

You’d think everyone would be overjoyed with this, especially those who live in Brighton, near the college, who have been complaining for years about rowdy college students (you know how those Jesuits are).

Well, not everyone is happy.

From Banker & Tradesman:

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, heretofore mum on Boston College’s intentions to add student housing by purchasing off-campus properties, has accused the school of “double speaking” about its latest undergraduate housing plan.

In the mayor’s first public comments about the school’s recent purchase of a 17-story apartment building at 2000 Commonwealth Ave., Menino told Banker & Tradesman he opposes the plan.

“BC is double speaking here,” Menino said. “They’ve said they’re going to have beds for all of their undergraduates on campus, but 2000 Comm. Ave. is not on their campus. I’d rather see them live up to their commitment to house all of the students on campus.”

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Updated: January 2018

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