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Why do Boston condo owners need a Will?

Virtually every person – married, divorced, single, childless, parent, in good health, in bad health – should have a Will, especially if you’re a Boston condo owner, because without a Will, you cannot determine who should receive your condo or single-family house, when the end finally comes. Each state has a default plan for how property must be distributed if you die without a Will. Furthermore, even if you die with no living relatives, the state will not permit distributions to a friend, a favorite charity, or any non-related person. Instead, your real estate will most likely end up going to the state.

The timing of bringing up the subject of a Will with your love ones can be very tricky. For example, in the Home Improvement TV show (Clip below) the delicate issue was mentioned during a televised football game, probably not the best time to engage in such a sensitive subject. Enjoy.

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Updated: January 2018

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