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While the Boston real estate market seems to be keeping afloat when it comes to sales. That’s why it’s extremely important for Boston real estate agents and clients to continue following correct property showing protocols when it comes to real estate business as Boston appears to be entering into the 3rd phase of opening the economy

Both Boston real estate listing agents, and sellers agents, please make sure you have hand sanitizer and shoe covers in the property if you are conducting showings. It is not particularly encouraging when I bring clients to Beacon Hill apartment rental or high rise condo sale and no hand sanitizer in sight. Yes, I bring hand sanitizer with me, but please do your part to assure everyone’s safety.

Boston condo buyers, mask up when you arrive at a property. Your agent may know you, but you don’t know where your agent has been and vice versa. Put on shoe covers if they’re available. And to be on the safe side, bring hand sanitizer with you and use it when you first enter, and when you leave. Try not to touch too many surfaces in the property.

Everyone, keep a safe distance when you’re in a home.

Boston condo sellers, if you are living in the property during the marketing period, make sure you personally wipe down touch points in between showings. It is possible for agents or cleaning people to miss a light switch or faucet here and there, and you want to make sure you’re protected.

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