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Boston condo broker: I spend too much time doing that

Boston condo broker: I spend too much time doing that

I recently moved to Winchester, since than I have spent a lot of time doing lawn work, Pushing the mower around the yard, I thought about how much time I will spend cutting the grass and raking leaves.

Let’s see. If I start in March and go until November. That’s 35 weeks a year. It takes me about two hours. That’s 70 hours a year. If I live here for 30 years, wishful thinking on my part,  I’ll spend 2,100 hours cutting grass in this yard. That’s about three months.

When I finished with the lawn work, I came inside, called a lawn service and arranged for them to start cutting the grass.

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Maybe its time to move back to a condo in Beacon Hill, I thought.

Settling in for a nap, I resisted thinking about how much time I spend shaving.

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