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Boston condo broker: I’ve should of known better.

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Boston condo broker: I’ve should of known better.

My father once told me, “Money talks, wealth whispers.” These words couldn’t be more true than what happen to me the other day. In my 20 plus years in the Boston real estate business, I’ve sharpened my skills on detecting frauds. However, I’m just human, so sometimes one gets by me. This story plays out like this.

He had the costume suit, the expensive silk tie and the premier sports car. He spoke endless of how he started various tech companies that he sold.

Before scheduling any Boston high rise condo showings, I asked my client, for a pre-approval letter. My request was looked upon as ‘are you kidding me.’ Sometimes individuals are taken back by such request, but generally most Boston condo buyers oblige and understand.

To make a long story short, after a couple days I realized this guy was over his head in debt, and I basically wasted my time with him.

I recently watched a documentary, that even the most affluent, educated individuals can be dubbed

Moral of the story: I should of listen to my father when he said “Money talks, wealth whispers.”

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