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Boston condo broker – My last hire, he was no Tom Brady

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Boston condo broker – My last hire, he was no Tom Brady

I hired a new Beacon Hill real estate agent with no experience, hoping I could groom him in my own way into a money making machine for Beacon Hill apartment rentals.

One week into his employment, Jeff told me he wasn’t cut out for the Boston real estate game. He told me it would be best if he moved on to a new endeavor.

“You only gave it one week” I said, “You just don’t start something new and expect to be good at it right away. Tom Brady didn’t just start playing football one day and instantly become great.”

“I don’t follow football.'” he said, “but he did end up quitting.” No he retired, there’s a big difference.” I said.

Jeff looked at me with a smile and said “Okay, I’ve decided to retire from Ford Realty.”

Tom Brady Responds To Possibility He'd Come Out Of Retirement To Replace  Aaron Rodgers

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