This lady walks into my office (no this is not a joke) and tells me she has the perfect gift that I should give to my Boston condo buyers at a closing. I take the bait, okay I’m game. What is it? She places this gadget on my desk.

Salesperson: Guess what it is?
Me: Ice Cream Maker?
Salesperson: No! Guess again.
Me: I hope its not a bomb!
Salesperson: No! Your being silly. It’s a Washing Machine
Me: You don’t say. (Me just being “silly”)
Salesperson: It can wash up to four jeans and one beach towel at one time
Me: err… not my jeans.

The salesperson begins to demonstrate to me how it works (I felt like I was in bad episode of “I Love Lucy” or the old Candid Camera Show). Make a long story short, I didn’t buy the Wonder Wash but here’s a link to the web site for those who are more enviromentally open minded than I am. The Wonder Wash Machine

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