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Boston condo buyers on the fence

I have worked with many Boston condo buyers over the years who have wanted to wait for the price to drop before making an offer. That didn’t work well during the buyers market of a decade ago and it doesn’t work in today’s competitive seller’s market.

The average Boston condo listing price to actual Boston condo sales price ratio for last decade has ranged from 93% – 95%

That being said, there are some Boston condos listed for sale out there that are overpriced. Those are the Boston condos have been on the market for a while because of it.  The prices will likely be lowered but when the price goes down there will be multiple offers. The best strategy is to make an offer at a lower price. There are no guarantees but sometimes it works and I can almost guarantee that waiting for the price to drop won’t work if you’re looking to buy property in 2022.

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