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Back Bay condo owners crushed car

Back Bay condo owners crushed car

For years as I drove around the city in search of a parking space, I would curse and pray in the same breath. Foul language directed at the mayor for lack of parking, and words to the gods that someday I would have a private parking space of my own. Today I came across this picture of a Volvo parked behind 107 Beacon Street. It is buried under snow and a chimney that fell from the roof. Imagine walking out of your condo, pressing the remote start button , and looking up to see this mess. I think circling around the city blocks seeking a space like a buzzard around a carcass might seem more appealing.

This winter has been torturous on all of us. When I was walking down Beacon Street from the corner of Bowdoin Street waltzing past the yellow caution tape posted in front of every other building I never could have dreamed of a sight like this. What do you tell the insurance company? And in the grander scheme of things, what about the tenants in the building? Do they have heat? I am pretty sure the top floor is uninhabitable. Where do they go? Was the chimney damaged previously or did the snow cause all this?

Whatever the answers are, I know that the Red Sox open their season in six weeks. While snow may still be on the ground on that day this historic winter will be in our rear view mirror.

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Updated: January 2018

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