I really like to get in these small spacs  love the challenge of it because and I there’s nothing like making a small space like this work perfect for the family. I chose a lighter color material for the flooring and the countertop and the cabinets and even the paint color on the wall you know it was really important to make this space feel really light and airy because it’s only 45 square feet. I like to do a play on colors so even though I chose a white subway tile for the backsplash. I did a natural gray grout so that it showed the contrast but I did more white than the grace as you can see it doesn’t make it smaller and the same with the shower curtain it’s white but it’s got aton of texture in layers so it makes a big statement. But it’s still a really light and airy color one of the biggest things I find in small spaces is there’s not enough lighting so I always encourage people if you have some room in the budget add extra lighting in thiscase. I did a nice vanity light but I also did an antique chandelier to interest which gives plenty of light an what does light do light makes things feel bigger so that’s the trick.


 A vanity mirror is one of the items that can make a really big statement in a small space and I found this old mirror at an antique store.I ended up painting it white because I wanted it to be light but it has a lo of character and detail that really make it pop this vanity piece is smaller so I really wanted to make it stand out so I added a vessel sink.
A vessel sink that’s raised so it really makes a statement it’s not necessarily large but the fact that it comes up above the countertops gives it the illusion that this is bigger than it really is.


When you’re working with a smaller space you know not everything fits in a small vanity and I can’t make this vanity any larger so the trick is how do you maximize your space and contain things in a creative way the fun thing about being creative with the way you contain things is that things that typically wouldn’t be cute out like cotton balls and q-tips you can make it cute by
getting cute little glass jars and putting them in a basket like this that you’ve hung on the wall. It’s just a fun creative way to contain things that are normally all out on the counter so instead of having clutter everywhere you’ve contained it in one really cute space and who knew that q-tips would be part of a design plane in a small bathroom the key is is that even though this is a

smaller space you can really make a big.

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