One Simple Rule Measure Paint to Paint.

While there is no universally mandated guideline for calculating the living area of Boston Condominiums, size is most often described in square footage of the interior floor space rather than the outside wall measurements. This is one area that creates a great deal of confusion and debate. While local custom frequently dictates the methodology, FNMA guidelines state that the gross living area for a Condominium is calculated by interior dimensions only; or the “paint to paint” method.

How to calculate square feet

You probably know how to calculate the square footage of a simple room without any funny shapes. For those that don’t. Just break out your measuring tape—or a laser measure—to get its length and width. Multiply the width by the length and voila! You have the square footage. Say a room is 20 feet wide by 13 feet long, then 20 x 13 = 260 square feet.

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