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By now it’s clear that certain Boston proper condo neighborhoods experienced a drop in Boston condo sales.

Fear not, Boston real estate agents: I’ve read up on the National Association of Realtors Guide-Line of Excuses. I now have three well-written excuses for why Boston’s proper condo sales declined.

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Boston condo excuse No. 1: We need to blame the COVID-19. Boston real estate code word: Scapegoating.

Boston condo excuse No. 2: We need to blame the negative Boston media for our failures. Boston real estate code word: “Stonewalling

Boston Condo excuse No. 3: Hmm… Let me repeat this: Number one is “Scapegoating.” Number two is “Stonewalling” Number three is…. Wait…Have patience….

Boston real estate agents remember this: 

Blame Trump!


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