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I’ve been reading that individuals are selling homes using only Twitter. As a skeptic, I would like to find out for myself how effective this social media tool is for selling real estate. So here’s my challenge – I’m looking for Boston condo seller that will allow me 30 days to sell their condo using only the tools provided by Twitter. If I can’t provide you with an accepted offer in 30 days, I’ll pay you $500 for allowing me to use your Boston condo as a test. If I do provide you with an accepted offer you would only owe me a $500 broker fee after the closing. Do I have any takers?

For those not updated with Twitter as it ties to real estate, here’s a brief description: Twitter is a free micro-blogging platform that allows users to create profiles and then post mini blog posts called “Tweets” of up to 140 characters. Through the site, homeowners and real estate agents can post interesting tidbits about a home that’s for sale that wouldn’t normally be mentioned on MLS or LINK.

For a look at how Twitter can be used to market your home, take a look at this story/video about a Denver-area homeowner. The homeowner has created a Twitter account just for her home, and regularly “Tweets” about her house, what her neighbors are like and her local community.

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