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Boston condos 2022: What’s a 1031 Exchange?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to do a 1031 exchange specifically in 2022, which is a year where Boston condo for sale inventory is incredibly tight in many Boston neighborhoods.

In this webinar topics covered include:

– A recent 1031 exchange example

– Current tax rates

– 1031 exchange guidelines for 2022

– The delayed exchange

– Identification rules

– Things to remember

– Advanced planning with new construction

– Q&A with RealWealth members and investors

A 1031 exchange is an excellent option for Boston condo sellers looking to cash in on the Boston condo market. You can defer paying big capital gains taxes, move up to a bigger and better investment property, and build your wealth in the process.

The Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 allows Boston condo investors to reinvest proceeds from the sale of one Boston property into another similar property of equal ot greater value, while deferring capital gains that would otherwise be due on April 15th.

Here are the four simple guidelines to review:

1. The properties involved must be held for “productive use in trade, business or investment” and must be like-kind. You can sell your  Beacon Hill rental condo, and reinvest the proceeds another Beacon Hill luxury property . But you can’t sell your rental property to another Beacon Hill condo to live in. It must be another rental property.

2. You have to complete the exchange in 180 days. The timeline begins when you close escrow on your “relinquished” property. There are no exceptions to this timeline.

3. You must identify your next property purchase within 45 days. After you close escrow on your relinquished property, you have 45 days to identify your replacement property. You have to identify all properties in writing, with a clear description. And there are two IRS rules for identifying replacement property. The first is the Three Property Rule, which allows for identification of any three properties, anywhere in the United States. The second is the 200% Rule, which is an option for identifying more than three properties. With this rule, you can identify four or more properties, but their combined value can’t exceed 200% of the property sold.

4. You must meet two requirements to defer 100% of the capital gains tax liability. First, you have to reinvest all the cash that was generated from the sale of your relinquished property. Secondly, the new property must be equal or greater in value to the property sold. You can’t use part of the money, or transfer any or all of the money into your own bank account. Once you touch it, you knock out the ability to do the exchange.

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