This is one of the stories that’s hard to believe. Michel Golieb a licensed real estate broker at American Property Exchange emailed me this story that happened to him regarding one of his tenants:

I actually had a tenant with an emotional support skunk. I didn’t know that it existed until I sent one of my regular handyman over to make some repairs in the apartment. The repairman  opened that front door,, saw the skunk and very, very slowly closed the door and called me. I called the tenant and aske if she had seen a skunk in her apartment. She didn’t blink an eye, saying “Oh that’s my support animal. She’s just the sweetest thing. She’s had her gland removed so she can’t squirt, she’s also declawed. I was appalled so I called the Real Estate Board to see if I can legally remove the animal. They told me that’s allowed under the Fair Housing Act.

Conclusion: If you have pet that you’re not allowed to have just tell you’re landlord its a support animal and there’s not a dam thing the owner can do about it. So go out and buy a Boa-constrictor snake and call it your emotional support snake. How crazy is this law.


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