Separating Boston condo buying facts from fiction is the first step towards buying your new Boston home whether you’re a first time home buyer or the seasoned homebuyer, you’ll want to ensure you don’t fall prey to these home buying misconceptions.

Myth 1. – Now is NOT a Good time Buy Because the Market is too High.

Myth 2. – You’ll Get HUGE Tax Savings.

Myth 3. – It’s Cheaper to Rent than Own a Home.

Myth 4. – Buying a Home is ALWAYS a Great Investment.

Myth 5. – You’ll Get Everything You Want in Your First Home.

Myth 6. – Buy as Much Home as You Get Approved For.

Myth 7. – You Must Have 20% Down to Buy a House.

Myth 8. – Too Many Lenders Checking Your Credit KILL Your FICO.

Myth 9. – Pay Off ALL of Your Debt BEFORE Buying a Home.

Myth 10. – You MUST Have 2 Years In Your Current Job.

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