Before you place an Offer on a Boston condo, here are five questions you may want to ask the broker of Seller:

  1. Why is the Boston condo owner selling the property?
  2. What is involved in the sale? Recently, I heard of a buyer who purchased a Boston condo and was disappointed that one of the light fixtures wasn’t included in the sale.
  3. How long has the Boston condo been on the market? This will help you and here’s why, it will indicate whether  property is overpriced or if there is possibly something wrong with the condo or the condo building itself.
  4. Are there any future assessments coming up? The last thing you want to do is purchase a Boston condo and a week after you bought it find out the condo association is asking for thousands of dollars for needed repairs.
  5. Ask for 3 months of condo meeting minutes. This will give you an idea what the condo association is concerned about in the near future.

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