Boston condos for sale and potential buyer feedback

Boston condo potential buyers don’t have to say anything but their facial expressions say a lot. 

On average Boston condo buyers select 5-7 Boston condos online before visiting a property.  They discern the best handful of Boston condos for sale that could match what they are looking for. Their Realtor sends them homes that match their criteria. 

In general, when the buyer visits a Boston condo for sale they are ready to purchase. When the buyer sees a Boston Seaport condos for sale of interest they ask more questions and express interest to make an offer. When a Boston midtown condo matches closely the buyer’s criteria the buyer usually is making an offer.

What does the feedback tell you when you are selling your Boston condo for sale?

1.  If the Boston condo for sale is priced right, it gets offers in the first 2 weeks of listing – usually even quicker than that.

2. If you are getting steady showings and no offers (or low offers) then it is one of two things causing your home to not sell.  Price or condition.  

3.  If you are receiving sporadic showings and not offers, then it is clearly price. There are no other variables. Boston Downtown condo buyers can see pictures online and most of the time they can’t tell if there are condition issues. So, the only factor is price. I’ve heard some people blame their Realtor at this point. I’ve been around this business too long to know that this reasoning is just not acceptable. Why is it that all marketing is consistent across the board for real estate listed homes. If the agent is consistently selling lots of homes then it is impossible to pinpoint the realtor to say they are not doing a good job on one home and not another one.  That’s hogwash!!!

4. If there are no showings in a good market then you need to get with your realtor and take a serious look at your price. Especially if the realtor has sold homes in the neighborhood recently and now your home is sitting with no showings and/or offers.


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