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Whether buying or selling real estate in Downtown/Midtown Boston, it is important to have the right agent on your team. This professional can help you both establish and meet your goals. Rather than hiring a friend or simply picking the first agent that you come across, you should aggressively interview your prospects. Not only will this help you identify the perfect person for these efforts, but it will also allow you to gauge whether or not you are truly comfortable talking with this individual. Following are five questions that are essential to ask before committing to these services.

1. How many of your clients are buyers vs. sellers?

The Boston real estate process is all about choosing a professional who understands your position. As a buyer, you want someone who has worked with lots of consumers on targeting budget-appropriate properties, locating the right neighborhoods for your needs, and negotiating reasonable offers. This same is also true for property sellers. Look for a professional who has already faced the challenges you intend to present.

2. How much experience do you have?

Although it’s always nice to give a fledgling professional the chance to prove his or herself, buying and selling a property is too big a transaction to take chances on someone who is not well-seasoned in this field. Moreover, not only do you want an experienced professional, but you also want an agent who has spent a considerable amount of time offering his or her services in neighborhoods like, Boston Downtown, Boston Midtown or Beacon Hill

3. How large is your territory?

It is often best to avoid agents who have spread themselves too thin. The best agents tend to focus on single cities and may even deal with properties in select neighborhoods only. Agents who service several cities rarely have the time to give adequate attention to individual client needs and are not likely to have an in-depth understanding of the specific Boston condo neighborhoods.

4. How many people are you representing right now?

Another feature to look for is the ability to give your needs ample attention. You want calls returned quickly and in-depth answers to your questions. Much like agents who are covering too many territories, agents with an excessive number of clients are unlikely to provide top-tier service.

5. How can you help me meet my goals?

Experienced agents often have clear-cut plans for helping people meet their sales and purchasing goals. They are also forthright when it comes to establishing feasible budgets and sales prices. Rather than simply committing to your current goals, a good agent will often review your ideas and then provide solid market information that shows you why these may or may not work.

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