Video marketing and high-quality photography are two key elements in marketing your Boston condo. The third element is finding your property for sale on Google. The majority of people not only begin their Boston condo search online, but continue their search when deciding which condo they want to physically visit. When someone decides the neighborhood they want to live in, the square footage, and the price point for their condominium, they will find a multitude of properties that fit their preferences. Since people have a limited amount of time, how the home is presented online will determine whether they visit it in person.

My staff usually budget for about 30 minutes a showing, especially for high-end properties. This means even if you have someone for 2 hours, you only get to show them 4 Boston luxury condos – and most people are tapped out at 5 homes, even if they have more time. If someone has a list of 20 to 30 homes, the visual element online is what gets them to pick those homes over others in the first place. Professional video and photographic technology allows us to steal listings from our competitors.

In Boston, agents treat homes in the $300,000 to $400,000 range as an afterthought. In any other market, those homes are luxury homes and are marketed accordingly, but agents here take it for granted.Ford Realty is different – we apply high-end marketing to all of our listings. We realize how lucky we are to be selling your Boston condo in any price range – whether a home is $300,000 or $3 million, it is going to get the best available marketing.

Want your home to get the exposure it deserves? We’d love to speak with you about how our marketing plan helps get you top dollar and a faster sale. Call or email us today.

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