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Boston condos for sale: Open house safety tips

In today’s blog post I’m going to discuss how to protect your belongings before you or a Boston real estate broker conducts an open house. You should never leave these things out at an open house.

1. Prescriptions and other drugs.

Most Boston real estate agents want to brush theft at an open house right under the rug.  But the truth is that it happens all the time. So item number one, take your prescription drugs out of the medicine cabinet and secure them in a safe place.

2. Anything that is valuable and readily accessible.


It goes without saying that anything of value should be put away before a Beacon Hill open house. The following items are some of the more popular things to be stolen during an open house:

  • Your money
  • rings/jewelry
  • Cell Phones
  • Laptop
  •  Expensive vases
  • Nostalgia
  • Any heirlooms
  • Anything else easily obtainable.

One other very important item to put away are your keys! Don’t leave extra keys on a hook or lying around. This is an open invitation for a burglar to come back when you’re not around and take what they want.

3. Documents with your personal information.

If identity thieves rifle through your garbage to find personal information like names, addresses, and social security numbers, they will certainly pick them up off your desk or dining room table. And if you think about it, you will see just how much more valuable information may be readily stolen from your home, including bank account numbers, credit cards, and other financial information.

At the least, you should lock away all such documents in a secure location in your Seaport condo for sale. Ideally, you can remove them to another location for the open house. If you own a safe, it might make sense to put them there during the open house. You may also hide them somewhere that visitors are not likely to go, such as a corner of the attic.

4. Identifying information, like mail with your name on it.

Anonymity is a good thing when it comes to selling a Boston high rise condo. You want the buyers focused on the house and what it has to offer, not your personal life. In today’s social media-filled world, it only takes a quick search using your name to find out all sorts of things about who you are, what you do, and how you feel about many different subjects.

While there is a possibility that this information could endear you to a potential buyer, there is also a chance that it could turn the buyer off of the home. It is better to avoid all of this by keeping your info out of the reach of open house visitors.

5. Your pets.

It can be hard to imagine someone, not like a pet that you love so much, but it happens—a lot. Some people don’t like dogs; some don’t like cats, some don’t like pets in general. Even a reptile can be a problem.

Again, you want the Boston condo buyers focused on the home and not on the things they don’t like. For an open house, it is a good idea to take your pet somewhere comfortable for the day. That way there is no chance of an adverse reaction from a buyer that may otherwise make an offer on the home.

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