I get asked all the time, “John, what advertising works best?”

My answer is always the same, regardless of whether we’re talking about the Boston condo market or Middle America.

“It depends”.

It depends on the property, it depends on the price, and it depends on the condition. Some properties warrant just about everything.

For instance:

Listed for $15 million, high-rise building views water views and Boston Common views featured on Boston Globe.

OK, if you have one of the most expensive listings in the Boston, you pull out all the stops.  But what if we are talking about the lower end of the spectrum? How do you decide if photos are enough, or if a virtual tour is justified?

Once again the answer is “It depends”.

If we are dealing with the average Dorchester condo that doesn’t show well, pictures are often the best options. The goal is not to sell the Boston condo via the pictures, but pique enough of an interest or curiosity to get a potential buyer to take a first hand look. Sometimes a virtual tour shows to much, particularly if the property isn’t likely to win the “Miss Photogenic” award, and can actually serve to eliminate potential buyers.

Sometime a picture really is worth a thousand words.



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