Top 5 Star Downtown Boston Neighborhoods for 2019

It’s time to take a look at which Portland neighborhoods are up-and-coming in 2019! They couldn’t be more different, but these Portland communities are similar in that they are changing rapidly. Like the city as a whole, they’re adding new residents and working hard to integrate past, present, and future. Whether you’re looking for a new condo in a hip district or a nice older home in a quiet neighborhood, Portland has something for you.

1. Boston Seaport District: Rising from the pavement

Located in downtown Boston near the Boston Harbor is the Boston Seaport District, this former industrial area made headlines in the last few years for its rapid transformation. Real estate that was once the site of Anthonys Pier restaurant and parking lots sprouted Boston High rise condos. A recent story in Boston newspaper describes the development as “street-level humanity amid a rising Boston downtown skyline”. Those seeking to buy a Boston condo for sale in this neighborhood in 2019 may need to be patient: Condos are still being built, but those that exist now are pricey. On the other hand, if you can afford it, this downtown Boston newest greatest place to be.

2. Boston Midtown: Deliciously Diverse

Boston Midtown like the Boston Seaport District is growing at a raped pace and more importantly bring in a diversity. In fact, Boston Midtown is one of the most diverse places in downtown Boston. And while the neighborhood has made foodie lists for being the place in downtown Boston to go for ethnic food, it is also one of the city’s last strongholds against gentrification. Boston leadership would like to keep it that way, and has for years been earmarking funds to support local businesses. Although real estate values could rise in this neighborhood in 2019, with Boston condo prices often exceed the $2M mark. Boston welcomes its transformation form the old “Combat Zone” days.

3. Beacon Hill: Have it all

Beacon Hill is Walkable as well as convenient by car and transit to the rest of the city, this Boston neighborhood is known for active neighbors.Beacon Hill has a wide range of individuals from Suffolk Students, young families and singles