Most Charles River Park condo owners want to know, how does a home sell? NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) conducts an intensive survey and produces a report every year that spells out exactly how a home sells – by the numbers.

This is a summary of some highlights with commentary from the 2018 NAR Home Sales Report:

How the buyer finds the home:

  • Age 18 to 24 = 91% Internet
  • Age 25 to 44 = 93% Internet
  • Age 45 to 64 = 88% Internet
  • Age 65+ = 75% Internet
  • Overall 92% of buyers are using the internet to find their home.

Nearly every buyer uses the Internet to find a Boston condo for sale. If they are not visiting an online website, chances are they are using a Mobile App. They also use REALTORS®, Open Houses, and referrals, usually in combination with the Internet. They typically do not use print ads or TV ads.

How the home sell

  • Internet + REALTOR® = 88%
  • Street Signs + Open Houses (*Mostly Internet Driven) + REALTOR® = 9%
  • Direct from seller (Mostly not on public market) = 2%
  • Print Ads or TV Ads = 1%

What can the home seller control?

  • Have the best possible Internet exposure. Receive the most views.
  • Use a professional REALTOR®.
  • Have a professional information driven social media
  • Have Internet advertised (and sign advertised) Open Houses.
  • Make sure the home is as presentable and accessible as possible.

As a Downtown Boston Real Estate Broker. I believe it is my job to know exactly how much a Boston condo for sale should sell for. I believe nothing is more important than Internet exposure and I believe I produce one of the highest presence on Google. This is accomplished through paid featured listings on the top four real estate websites in the nation and syndication to hundreds of other sites. As part of my full service, professional services I recommend (or provide myself) the best home stagers, consultants, and professional photographers the downtown Boston real estate industry has to offer.