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From the Boston Globe:

Nearly 70,000 people in Massachusetts have been diagnosed with coronavirus. About 900,000 have lost their jobs. Daily life has changed in countless ways. But one thing remains pretty much the same: It’s still hard — and expensive ― to buy a house.

The vast health and economic crisis wrought by the outbreak of COVID-19 appears to be doing little to dent Boston’s long-sturdy housing market, at least for now. As the typically busy spring season goes into full bloom, inventory remains tight and prices have stayed high, with many houses receiving multiple offers from would-be buyers.

There are fewer sales — the National Association of Realtors reported Thursday that pending sales fell by one-fifth in March — after many sellers pulled their homes off the market in the first few weeks of the crisis and its stay-at-home restrictions. But listings in Greater Boston are beginning to bounce back. Real estate agents are finding new ways to show and sell houses in a world of social distancing. Through all of this, something approaching a typical spring market is starting to emerge.

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