Why is Quicken Loans the number one lender in the country?
A little background history, first three individuals started this company there’s a mortgage broker Dan Gilbert his brother in another
individual started this company as a mortgage company in 1985.
Dan was still in law school his brother was still going to school at the University of Michigan their mother was  a real estate agent.
So how did they become successful? There’s a number of things one is is that they have a saying we have a lot of
isms we call them and one as a penny saved. Dan was always reinvesting in the business constantly reinvesting in the business. Reinvesting in new technology new marketing efforts branding so that’s a critical part there’s a lot of time when could of have taken his chips off the table. To them tt was never for him about the money it was about the next journey growing further that’s a big part of it because it could have been over long time ago if he’d had taken his chips off the table sold out.
The power of branding in this industry was another factor,the power of marketing in their industry. Second  they built a brand over time and then talked about how how it can apply to a lot of folks, they often say you’ve got a culture whether you like it or not you’ve got a have a culture and build a great culture and  the culture  can’t be done in a short period of time but it’s highly inclusive everybody matters.
Sharing ideas and fight bureaucracy in every way that’s a big part of  how far as how an individual a smaller company can entertain that share and everyone has different goals but that continuing to reinvest in your business.
To become Quicken Loans if you want to become bigger in your local market just keep thinking about that continual
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