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It is that the time of year when homeowners will be getting postcards and letters from downtown Boston real estate agents who have buyers.

These agents claim they have buyers that are looking to live in your neighborhood or they want to buy a Beacon Hill condo or high-rise condo just like yours. 

“Farming” the neighborhood

The downtown Boston real estate term for this is “farming” the neighborhood. If you’re a downtown Boston condo owner you might gt several postcards and letter a week, if not in a day

There are also a few entities that will buy your home as-is for cash with no inspections. You might have seen their postcards we buy ugly houses.

I get at least one letter a month from a company that buys houses. 

I’m not sure how effective this marketing strategy is. Personally, I find them annoying. But to be productive a Boston real estate company needs to market.

Boston Real Estate for Sale Marketing

Let this blog post serve as my letter to homeowners that we are working with buyers (too) who are looking for a Boston condo to buy.

The very best way to attract home buyers right now is to have a downtown Boston real estate that is for sale.

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Yes, this is a very good time to sell a Seaport or Beacon Hill condo. 

If you are interested in selling I do have buyers interested in your neighborhood. Please call or write anytime for a free no-obligation consultation.

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