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Boston condos for sale and crime areas

Boston condos for sale and crime areas

Boston condos for sale and crime areas.

As we approach the Boston condo spring market (even in bad weather like today), I’m frequently asked from potential buyers about crime rates in Boston neighborhoods. I always advise Boston condos buyers to do their due diligence if they’re concerned about crime activity. Car theft/break-ins, muggings, assaults and burglaries are unfortunately incidents that happen in all Boston neighborhoods. But some areas do have higher crime rates than others, and you should be aware of the nature and frequencies of crimes in the area you choose buy a Boson condominium in the future.

I’m often asked, “Is this a safe area?” by my clients, and really, what’s safe for one person may not be the case for another. The best resource is the Boston Police Department, but you can also try this website

Once you’re on this crime website, type in an address and you’ll see a map that pinpoints that address. You can then explore crime types and date ranges, and see all nearby crime incidents mapped accordingly. You can select the type of crime to narrow down your search, but that’s a pretty wide so you can just put in a zip code of a particular Boston neighborhood. Up to one or two zip codes will probably give you more of a sense for your immediate neighborhood.

It’s best to do this research during the disclosure review and pre-offer stage, as you can avoid wasting a lot of time in submitting an offer if you ultimately won’t be comfortable with what’s happening in the area.

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