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Starting today, the Boston Courant has begun listing all Sunday Open House listings in its weekly edition.

The data is collected from the Multiple Listing Service Information Network, Inc. (MLSPIN) which is one of two listing services used by most Boston agents. The other service, the Listing Information Network, Inc. (LINK), partners with Community Newspapers to publish the long-running Boston Homes newspaper. Both come out on Saturdays, both are free, and both are delivered door-to-door in the major “Boston Proper” neighborhoods. Also, available on newsstands.

Kevin J Smith, longtime publisher of Boston Homes is now publisher of the Boston Courant open houses newspaper (which does not have a name, apparently).

In the old days, LINK was pretty much the only place where real estate agents listed their clients’ properties, and the only place where open house information was entered. Most agents now enter their listings into both networks. However, agents are not as complete when it comes to open house information. But, now that the Courant is including open house information, it may prompt more agents to put their open house information into both.

Hmmm. I wonder if any other weekly newspapers are considering publishing open house information from MLSPIN …

(Now, if we could only get the Boston Courant to publish its content online.)

Boston Real Estate for Sale


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