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It seems that it wasn’t that long age, the best function your cell phone could do to help Boston condo buyers and sellers was to allow you to check your email for updates from your Boston downtown real estate broker

Today, representing you in a Boston downtown real estate transaction is just about the only thing your smartphone can’t do. This Fall/Winter, as the Boston Seaport District condo market heats up,  Boston downtown condo buyers and sellers need to have the best tools at hand to beat out the competition. From shopping for homes to planning remodels, here’s our guide to the best real estate apps on the market this year. 

Updated 2020

 There are now several popular mobile apps for finding homes for sale and several local brokerages have mobile apps.  I like to test them and to date the best mobile apps that work on iPones and Androids are those from Zillow, Trulia and  Our MLS also has a mobile app which I just love because like all good mobile apps it is location based and I can easily find all the information I need about homes that are nearby and for sale.  I especially love “home spotter” which is augmented reality.  All I have to do is point my phone at a home that is for sale and the information about it will appear on the screen. 

Yesterday while in the car, I heard this commercial on the radio for a real estate company.  The advertisement was aimed at sellers and was for a real estate company that has a mobile app.  The advertisement implied that sellers are better off working with a company that has a mobile app.

Who ever came up with the advertising is either trying to be deceptive or they don’t understand how mobile apps and broker reciprocity works or they are simply trying to take advantage of the fact that home sellers don’t understand that no matter who they list their home with it will end up in mobile apps. 

Any home listed by any Realtor that goes into the MLS (multiple listing service) will show up in the mobile apps and it will show up on all of the local real estate web sites.  

The apps are for buyers but they also help sellers because they make homes for sale easier to find and they make it easier for home buyers to get all of the details.  Some real estate companies have mobile apps because that way they can get buyers to contact them if they are interested in buying a home that they find through a mobile app.

There isn’t any advantage to the seller in listing with an agent who works through a brokerage that has a mobile app.  

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