The following 12 foreclosure deeds were reported on the Suffolk Deeds website last week.

Separately, the Warren Group reported 42 homes were sold at foreclosure, last week, throughout all of Suffolk County (Boston, Revere, Winthrop, and Chelsea).

Address, mortgage date, loan amount

68 Marginal St #D, East Boston, 2006, $300,000
10-12 Ellis St Unit 10, Hyde Park, 2006, $250,000
178 Hebron St, Mattapan, 2004, $244,574.50
45 West Newton #2, South End, 2005, $321,040
44 Msgr Patrick J Lydon Way, Dorchester, 2006, $291,150.00
146 Glenway St, Dorchester, 2005, $430,000.00
8 Lenoxdale Ave, Dorchester, 2005, $297,900.00
55 Greenwich St, Roxbury, 2003, $422,629.44 (3-family home)
62 Burt St #1, Dorchester, $155,000, 2006
85 Dale St, Roslindale, $293,314.78, 2005
13 Moultrie St, Dorchester, $345,000.00, 2004
12 Winter St, Hyde Park, $375,288.05, 2006

( ** Note bene: the address should be accurate; however, the dollar figure may be inaccurate – the borrower may have made partial payments, there may have been additional loans, and/or the data entered into the registry may be incorrect. Also, the bank may have added penalties, interest, and fees to the outstanding loan balance. I tried to be accurate. **)

Source: Suffolk County Registry of Deeds

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