Okay, this is old news. The reporter was referring to the sale of the Herald building, last August.

The previous owner was Herald Media Holdings or something, owned by Patrick Purcell, publisher of the Herald.

The new owner is a company made up of several individuals, including Mr Purcell, and National Development.

Story was in the Globe, August 7, 2007.

Another Harrison Ave rumor hits the ‘nets.

An April 5th Boston Courant article about Harrison Ave in the South End had this sentence:

… the district has seen big changes in the form of a sale of Boston Herald property …

Which property was sold is not clear. It may very well have been the Herald’s headquarters at One Herald Square / 300 Harrison Ave. Nothing shows up on the Suffolk Deeds site, by name or address, however.

Nordic Properties may have made a bid; also, National Development or perhaps GTI Properties (do they have the big pockets).

The upside for all of us? We may live to see Boston’s “New York Streets” neighborhood rise from the ashes!

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