When people think New York City, they think Manhattan (well, tourists, at least).

The reality, of course, is that New York City is five boroughs, spread out over 301 square miles.

Boston, in comparison, is a city of neighborhoods, spread out over 48 square miles.

Boston’s neighborhoods include Roxbury, Charlestown, North End, South End, West End, (the East End is the Atlantic Ocean), East Boston, South Boston, Allston, Brighton, Downtown / Financial District, Seaport District, Waterfront, Chinatown, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Fenway (or, The Fenway), Dorchester, Mattapan, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Roslindale, and West Roxbury.

(Some of these “neighborhoods” exist only in the minds of local real estate agents.)

When people think of “Boston” they think of the area near Copley Square, or, sadly, “Cheers”.

Although Boston is smaller than some other prominent US cities (although San Francisco is about the same size, with 140,000 more people), it is still large enough that each neighborhood has its own distinct feel and look.

Interesting: If you walk 7.2 miles from my condo in the South End toward the southwest, you’ll end up on Washington Street in Hyde Park. However, if you walk 7.2 miles from my condo in the South End toward the northwest, you’ll end up in Medford; toward the north, you’ll end up in Revere or Everett.

My point? Medford and Everett are “bedroom communities”, where many residents drive or take the subway into Boston for work. You don’t think of these cities as having the same needs and wants as Boston. Yet, Hyde Park, Roslindale, and West Roxbury, which are as far away, are a part of the city of Boston.

in my opinion, the city should break up into parts, with the outer-boroughs being spun-off.

Hyde Park (where our mayor lives) has a population of 26,000. Dorchester has a population of 60,000 (so does Medford, FYI).

The interests of the inner-boroughs are not the same as the interests of those in the “burbs”.

None of the neighborhoods benefit from being a part of the same city.

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