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A new study by IBM noted:

The time spent waiting for an elevator is even more onerous. The cumulative time that office workers spent waiting for elevators in the past 12 months totaled 92 years across the 16 cities, broken out in the following way: New York City, 16.6 years; Los Angeles, 8.7 years; Chicago, 9.0 years; Houston, 6.8 years; Dallas/Fort Worth, 5.5 years; Washington, D.C., 7.7 years; Atlanta, 4.3 years; Boston, 5.4 years; Philadelphia, 6.0 years; San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, 4.5 years; Detroit, 2.7 years; Seattle/Tacoma, 3.2 years; Denver, 2.3 years; Phoenix/Prescott, 4.1 years; Tampa/St. Petersburg, 1.6 years; Minneapolis/Saint Paul, 3.1 years.

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