Blogging? Never heard of it.

Actually, creating a blog when you’re trying to sell your own home is a great idea.

The key is constantly updating the content, plus including links to photos, sales data, articles in the press, etc.

Here’s how one person’s doing it.  He is still using a real estate agent, at the same time, and he hasn’t had any offers as a result of the blog, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea.

Adolfo Pesquera, San-Antonio Express-News

A public relations guru, Weinkrantz is experimenting with the concept of selling his house through an Internet blog.

“We had never seen that,” said Beatrice McFadden, Weinkrantz’s Phyllis Browning Co. agent. “He is so avant-garde.”

There are real estate agents with blogs, but Weinkrantz suspects he may be the only homeowner using a blog to sell. He thinks it could develop into another niche business for him, as a blogging consultant to real estate companies.

“But first I have to take my own medicine,” Weinkrantz said.

He’s only had the blog,, up for a few weeks and it doesn’t link to his company Web site:

Three contracts, none of them blog-related, have fallen through since he put the $349,000 bungalow on the market eight months ago.

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