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Boston real estate brokers decision, Lipitor or bacon?

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Boston real estate brokers decision, Lipitor or bacon?

After finding out I have high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure, Mona, put me on a strict diet. Unfortunately,  I love all the food that is bad for you, such as bacon.

Speaking of bacon, have you ever placed cooked bacon on a paper napkin, leave for a few minutes, when you come back the paper napkin liquidated. I wish bacon would liquidate my stomach as well.

Back to my story, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, for lunch today I had a salad. To make it more appealing I was allowed to add bacon bites. 

McCormick Bac'n Pieces Chips - 4.1 OZ 6 Pack

You know, once you put bacon pieces in a salad, it’s no longer a salad, it’s a game of finding the bacon in the lettuce, it’s like you panning for gold. When I was a kid, I use to do the same thing with Lucky Charm cereal (find the marshmallow).

The point of this story, I know I should lose weight, but Its not a good idea to start a diet on Super Bowl weekend.

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