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Feng Shui and your Boston condo: How to bring wealth into your life

Here’s a unique take on how to bring more wealth into your life by tapping Feng Shui at home. Credit to New York real estate professional Debra Duneier:

-The burners on your stove represent wealth. Keep them clean and alternate your use of the burners when cooking … The refrigerator should be filled with healthy food. A full refrigerator brings in abundance.

– The indoor plants that are wealth enhancers are bamboo and jade plants.

– Take three lucky Chinese coins and tape them to the back of a rug. Every time someone walks in (your home’s entry point) they symbolically are bringing money into your property and into your life.

– Keep toilet seats down when not in use. Keep them up and money will disappear.

– Goldfish … are also magnets for wealth. Fill your tank with eight goldfish for luck and one black fish to keep away bad luck.

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