Yesterday, I spoke with a real estate broker who owns a real estate office in Brookline. Like many real estate companies her condo sales and apartment rental numbers are way off compared to last year.

About 2 months ago she applied for small government grant to help her through these tough times. Each morning she would log onto her computer to she if she was approved. And every morning, the message was the same “In progress….”

Finally, Friday she was approved for a grant.

I’m reminded of a story:

A man walked to the top of a hill to talk to God.

The man asked, “God, what’s a million years to you?” and God said, “A minute.”

Then the man asked, “Well, what’s a million dollars to you?” and God said, “A penny.”

Then the man asked, “God…..can I have a penny?” and God said, “Sure… a minute.

Moral of the story:

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