This morning, I was reading one of my favorite trade magazines called Realtor. I noticed in the Septemeber 2009 issue an article “Buyer hesitation begins to dissolve” The Real Estate Expert they site in the article is Lawrence Yun the Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors. According to Mr (sunshine) Yun the reason you should buy now is because:

“home prices and mortgage payments in relation to income are comfortably below historic levels, at least in some markets.” Mr Yun goes on to say. “Buyers are no longer hesitant about home purchases on the fear of further price declines. And that sets the stage for a steady release of pent-up demand.”

I hope Mr. Yun is correct. But before you call me to buy a Boston condo, (btw my number is 617-720-5454) I have to tell you something, Mr. Yun is known for making a couple of blunders and erroneous predictions in the past. Check out Mr. Yun real estate predictions for some in depth research on Yun’s other predictions and faux pas.

File Under: Mr. Yun would want you to buy a Boston condo.

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