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Boston real estate news: Kid friendly homes selling fast

Kid-friendly features are attracting more homebuyers, according to Zillow research. Approximately 1.4 million home sales from 2020 were analyzed and indicated that families should act fast and expect to pay more when shopping for homes with outdoor, family-friendly amenities. 

Listing keywords associated with families and children, like community pools, nearby parks and cul-de-sacs, led to faster-than-expected sales and higher premiums. The research illustrates that families are prioritizing neighborhood amenities and home features that make the community more fun for kids. 

Backyards were the top feature associated with faster selling time, with homes that listed “backyard” as a keyword selling 5.2 days faster than expected. Homes with central heating and cooling sold 4.6 days faster than expected, followed by nearby parks (4.5 days quicker), sandboxes (4.5 days), one-story/level homes (4.4 days), walkability (proximity) to outdoor features (3.9 days), cul-de-sacs (3.4 days), fenced yards (3.0 days), playgrounds (2.5 days) and community pools (2.3 days). 

Treehouses and sheds/garages added about 2.2% to price premiums; followed by hot tubs (1.6%); central heating and cooling (1.0%); hardwood floors (0.9%); swing sets, finished basements and bonus spaces (0.7%); and walkability to these features and pools (0.5%). 

“While this doesn’t mean sellers should add these features before they list or that these features alone will yield a high return on investment, they should definitely flaunt them if they have them,” said Zillow economic data analyst Nicole Bachaud in a press release.

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