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Boston Real Estate 


Yesterday, I was at a bar/restaurant in Beacon Hill having a conversation with Boston real estate broker, as we were in conversation another broker came in upbeat about haw he just closed on a nice size Boston condo sale. He offered both of us drinks (which I of course accepted) the other broker seemed upset and jealous and stormed out of the restaurant.

I understand that these are tough times and its a very competitive field, but it does no one any good to be jealous of another person goof fortune. 

Two neighbours came before Jupiter and prayed him to grant their hearts’ desire. Now the one was full of avarice, and the other eaten up with envy.

So to punish them both, Jupiter granted that each might have whatever he wished for himself, but only on the condition that his neighbour had twice as much.

The Avaricious man prayed to have a room full of gold.

No sooner said than done, but all his joy was turned to grief when he found that his neighbour had two rooms full of the precious metal.

Then came the turn of the Envious man, who could not bear to think that his neighbour had any joy at all.

So he prayed that he might have one of his own eyes put out, by which means his companion would become totally blind.

Boston Real Estate 


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